So, I might be terrible at blogging.

Hi! It’s been almost two years since I made believe I was going to be a blogger. I have absolutely no idea how that happened. Two years! So, I think I might be terrible at this. Oh well.

I suppose the prudent thing to do here would be to just start over.

But where’s the fun in that?

Alright, let’s play catch up. First, my girls are four and almost two! Elaina has been in preschool since September, and has about a week left until summer break. We opted for the Montessori education approach for her, as she is a bit of a free-spirit, and we HATE the Common Core agenda. Yeah, I said agenda. Elaina’s done quite well, though some behavioral issues became apparent. We’ll be addressing those over the summer.

Julia is also blossoming right before our eyes. She’s a tiny little bit of a thing, and someday I’m sure I’ll regale you all with the story of her infancy… But not today. She’s very shy, and very much attached to me, so I don’t get out much. Like I would anyway, haha!

Well, I think I’ll wrap this up for now. I’m planning on using this forum more actively to encourage some accountability on my part. I have goals and all. I want to talk about them, and my journey, and whatever. Later, y’all.

Clean, or Blog… Yeah.

Here I am again! Still flaking on this blog, but there’s no one around to notice so I think I can get away with it.

I found myself presented with a choice; clean something or write something. Ok, really, I was sitting on the couch already NOT cleaning and feeling a bit guilty about it. I thought writing might help alleviate the guilt. As it turns out, it really does. I must remember this.

So, I have been waking up at before 6:30 in the morning during the week for the last two weeks. Boyfriend got a new job, and he cannot get himself out of bed. There was a time in my life (quite recently, actually) when I would have just shoved him out, rolled over, and slept until noon (or until the babies woke up). But, I am turning a new leaf – as my moniker suggests – and so I stay up when I get him up. I quickly discovered, I LOVE mornings! I love the moment boyfriend walks out the door for the day, and it’s suddenly me, a cup of coffee, and a crackling fire in the wood stove. I love getting things picked up, washed, and organized all before my youngest makes her morning debut – it really is a show, Julia is all smiles, coos, and snuggles when she first wakes (Elaina still sleeps past 9 and it’s a total toss up what side of the bed she’ll get up on). I love how accomplished I feel, how much more energy I seem to have, and how much more time I have suddenly found in my day to play with my girls.

I have ALSO made some major changes to my eating habits. An $18 personal blender purchase has made fruit and veggie smoothies a daily occurrence. I am eating whole foods, and I limit my grain consumption to one meal a day. My three year old is also off processed foods, though I am not as strict with grains for her. I am not counting calories, I don’t obsess over amounts. I eat when I’m hungry. I try to keep it interesting. I feel FANTASTIC! I haven’t felt depressed in days. I have energy. I have motivation. I’m more focused. I love love love it.

Oops! Oh, and a New Smile!

So I sort of forgot I was doing this… heh. I think I promised a more in-depth description of my aspirations for this blog in my first post, but, that sounds boring. I am not in the mood for boring. Instead I want to write about Elaina and the New Smile!

I have a two and 3/4 year old daughter, Elaina. I also have a 10 week old, Julia. Yay, girls! Anyway, I finally got Elaina in to see a dentist last week. She has great teeth, except for the top two front. These were broken in a fall, but other than having a jagged appearance, there was nothing wrong with them. Until recently. Apparently they wore down to the point where they were beginning to bother her. So to the dentist we went, and sure enough – it was time to cap.


That happened yesterday. At the first appointment the dentist and I discussed the various procedural options. WARNING*** I am going to side track a bit here – – – I decided that the 20-30 minute crown procedure did not warrant exposing my baby to the risks associated with general anesthesia. Yes, she was papoose’d, yes it ticked her off, but I preferred it that way. I am shocked at how many parents agree to GA for crowns! I decided to read some first hand accounts from others whose babies needed this type of dental work, and story after story told of little ones being put under for the work. I can’t imagine ever choosing that. I had also agreed with the dentist that it would be easier on all parties if I was not in the room. I think I could have refrained from interfering, but I can only imagine how hard that would be, and how disturbing it would be for my Bitty to see me standing there NOT interfering. Again, I am confounded by the number of parents who stay in the room. The polar opposites of parenting choices, right? I’ll have loads more to say throughout my musings regarding that topic. Anyway- – – I was wrecked while my little girl was away from me, second time at this new place and scary things happening – I know it wasn’t fun for her. But, she was just fine afterwards. In fact, she was all smiles with her prize tokens in hand and pretty new teeth to show off!

Which leads to point of this share – it is a Brand New Smile.


I had grown accustomed to -and loved – that broken tooth grin that was all Elaina. I know, I know, many mommas look at the broken tooth as a constant reminder of some shortcoming on their part. I did not. Babies weeble, wobble, and fall right down. I of course felt horrible when it happened, and I cried more than she did. But, the goofy smile quickly became a part of all her quirkiness. And I just love her. So I loved her smile.

Well, when she came bounding out of the exam room, all thrilled with herself and ready to share with mommy, it was a different smile that greeted me. Her dentist did a fantastic job. I can’t even tell they are crowns. But, her smile is new. It is no longer the broken tooth grin I have loved for so long. It is now flawless, perfection. I fell in love with it immediately! A small part of me is still sad, though. I miss the old smile. I felt the same way when she cut her first tooth because I had so loved the gummy grin that came before. And I know I will be sad when she loses her first tooth, for the same reason.

Well, that’s all I wanted to say right now. I’ll try to remember to stop by a little more often.

So… This is blogging.

Hello, cyberspace! As the About Post says, this is my first attempt at actually blogging. I had a LiveJournal page a million years ago, along with a MySpace account where I vented and wrote poetry and generally annoyed my friends, but I am not sure those things count. Do they?

Regardless, I am calling this my first attempt. I really love to write, and I especially enjoy expressing my thoughts and opinions, but I find traditional social media outlets stifling. Sure, sharing memes is amusing, but actually writing a full discourse on anything turns people off. So, I turn to blogging!

I plan to share my thoughts on parenting, online schooling, what I cooked for dinner, and whatever other random topics catch my interest. I hope to share amusing anecdotes, hard learned advice, helpful tips, etc. But, I cannot say for sure where this blog will eventually lead. I’m a sort of fickle individual. I change my mind a lot!

Well, this is just a warm-up exercise. I will stop by later to talk a bit more about myself, my goals, and generally just try to figure this blogging thing out. Thanks for stopping by!